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Agenda Europe Blog ist ein europäischer, englischsprachiger anonymer Webblog mit einer antifeministisch ausgerichteten Agenda.

Agenda Europe Blog bedient u.a. die antifeministischen Narrative 'Homolobby', 'Gay Agenda' und 'Sodomie' in verschiedenen Diskursthemen, wie Sexualität, Geschlecht und Familie.

Antifeministische Narrative beim Agenda Europe Blog

Äußerungen des Agenda Europe Blogs in antifeministischen Narrativen

  • Zur Verteidigung der Zuschreibungen "Sodomie" und "Sodomit" schreibt Agenda Europe Blog im Dezember 2014:
"Language is not innocent. The way in which we speak and write about things frames the way in which we think about them. This is why political fight – and this is particularly true of the one we are engaged in – is often a fight about glossary. [...] The term “sodomy” [...] refers to the sexual act between persons of the same sex, not to a disposition, be it innate or acquired. A “sodomite” is a person engaging in such acts. It is, in this sense, more accurate than “homosexuality” or “homosexual” [...]. While nobody can be held responsible for dispositions he has not chosen, or for temptation to which he has not ceded, he is responsible, and can be criticized, for what he does. [...] Both terms refer to the ancient (if not mythical) city of Sodom, which, as a punishment for its sexual depravity, was destroyed by a storm of fire and converted into a barren desert. In other words, a link is made with a vice and its social consequences."[1]
(siehe auch Narrativ: Sodomie)

  • Agenda Europe Blog schreibt zum Thema "Gay Rights", dass es eine "Gay Agenda" gebe, mit der "Sodomie" 'normalisiert' werden solle, und dass daher Gesetze zur Verhinderung von "Sodomie" (als Beschreibung von homosexueller Praxis) sinnvoll seien:
"Is there such a thing as a “Gay Agenda”? [...] The first step is the legalization of sodomy. Once this is achieved, the next step is to present sodomy as an act of “equal” value and dignity as the conjugal act. [...] It is [...] important that society give in some form unambiguous expression to its awareness that sodomy is not a good of equal rank and standing as the fertile love between a man and a woman. The criminal code is the best place for such a statement. It is not important that such a law is enforced rigorously or that the sanctions are particularly heavy – but it is important that the statement is made. The homosexual lobby is well aware of this."[2]
(siehe auch Narrative: Gay Agenda, Homolobby, Sodomie)

  • Agenda Europe Blog schrieb im Dezember 2017 in ihrem Blog Agenda Europe:
"A public housing agency in Vienna has planned and built a house exclusively for sexually disordered (LGBT) persons.Obviously, this project is against letter and spirit of the so-called “anti-discrimination” legislation that the LGBT-lobby is so keenly using to harass and denigrate those who do not agree to their sexual perversions."[3]
(siehe auch Narrative: Homolobby, Perversion)



Der Webblog Agenda Europe Blog verfügt weder über ein Impressum, noch geben sich deren Autor*innen mit Namen zu erkennen.

Die ersten Einträge des Blogs datieren aus dem Jahr 2014.[4]

Elena Zacharenko weist in einer Untersuchung zur Anti-Choice-Bewegung auf häufige Verlinkungen zu den Gruppierungen One of us und CitizenGo hin: "Links to the One of Us European citizens’ initiative and CitizenGO [...] petitions are prominently displayed and personal attacks against EU-level SRHR and LGBT actors are frequent."[5]

Agenda Europe Initiativen

Laut einer Dokumentation der European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development[6] sei der Agenda Europe Blog Bestandteil eines Netzwerkes unter dem Label Agenda Europe, bestehend aus drei Komponenten:

Agenda Europe Network behauptet in einer Erklärung: "The Agenda Europe network has no links to or control over the Agenda Europe blog (and the Twitter Account), despite use of the same name. The document Restoring the Natural Order is not an Agenda Europe publication. It is a paper drafted by an individual person without any involvement of Agenda Europe."[7]

Nachweislich sind mehrere seitenlange Kapitel aus dem anonym verfassten Manifest Agenda Europe. Restoring the Natural Order identisch mit Texten, die als Hintergrundtexte auch im anonymen Agenda Europe Blog zu lesen sind, bspw. die Kapitel Natural Law (S. 9-23) und Equality and "Anti-Discrimination" (S. 99-104), was vom Agenda Europe Blog zugegeben wird: "The secret manifesto [...] was actually to a very large extent already in the public domain – it has been on this website for more than four years."[8]



  • Neill Data (2018): Restoring the Natural Order. The religious extremists’ vision to mobilize European societies against human rights on sexuality and reproduction hrsg. v. European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development PDF
  • Elena Zacharenko (2016): Perspectives on anti-choice lobbying in Europe Study for policy makers on opposition to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe, Brüssel PDF